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Viking Cycle Ironside Black Textile Motorcycle Jacket for Men

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I have been riding motorcycles all my life and have ridden over 1 million miles.
F inding a jacket that looks good but also has protection built in is always a challenge.
The Viking Cycles Ironside Black Textile jacket is an excellent jacket.
It’s so nice, I’ve made it my primary go-to jacket for most of my riding.
It’s comfortable to wear while riding both my Goldwing and Harley Dyna – one has a windshield, and one does not – in both cases this jacket is excellent.
I’m 5’11” and weigh 198 and the large is an excellent fit.
Plenty of room in the arms and the jacket is fitted with side adjusters using Velcro making it easy to custom fit around the waist. The arm adjustments are easy and well designed with Velcro at the wrists, snaps at the upper and lower arms.
There is plenty of reflective piping though out the jacket but well designed so it does not take away from the stylish appearance.
The jacket comes with a zip-in liner that is incredibly warm and blocks the vented sleeves and chest from unwanted cold air. I would likely only wear this in temps below 60 degrees – it’s a really warm liner.
Pockets… lots of pockets and very smartly located for ease of access and use.
The armor is excellent and not obstructive – good armor on the shoulders and elbows and although it does not come with the back protector, there is a slot to take one.
The jacket length in the back is long but even zipped up, when you sit on the motorcycle it does not rise up like I was expecting – very comfortable to ride in almost any position on the bike.
I would likely put this jacket in the “touring” or “street” category.







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