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Studio quality photography - this is my 13th year taking photos of people having the time of their lives and I love doing it.
The stories I have been told behind some of my photos have been awesome and I'm so glad I'm able to provide this unique service.

Email me with your images numbers - you'll be surprised at the pricing

Photo Session Update: 1/16/22
Sunday's images are online now

Please Email me with your image numbers
- not screen captures

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6 different Henderson motorcycles - 1 owner
Custom image took some time to create

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Special HDR images available
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Studio Photography Without The Walls!!! - Jay Leno's ECOJET Jet car
Jay Leno interviews Victory Jon for Jay Leno's Garage

The link to the interview is not working at this time

Here are a couple of world class artists who are also clients.

Jim Gianatsis, Photographer


Ben Cohen, Artist


When I'm on Mulholland, the address is 27735 Mulholland Highway, Agoura

If you like what you see in the galleries, you are going to love the ones you purchase.

ALL of my work is 100% guaranteed and my pricing is more than reasonable. Call anytime, my customer service is second to none.

Custom panorama/ghosting images may also be available. Email me for details


Phone: 818.426.7653


For custom ghosting or panoramic imaging like the ones below, please contact me via email or phone

Email: victoryjon@highwayphotos.net
Phone: 818.426.7653

Smile... you look cool.

Mulholland Highway and the Santa Monica Mountains... these are the highways in Southern California that are legendary for their awesome scenery and spectacular curves. Anyone heading to the Rock Store or Neptune's Net will tell you that the journey truly is the destination. Getting there IS ALL THE FUN!!!

Welcome to HighwayPhotos.net where your joy ride just may become your favorite photograph - ever.
Whether cruising Mulholland Highway or somewhere else, you just may have been caught on camera. 
Victory Jon can be found most weekends snapping shots of motorcyclists and hot cars.  A picture while moving poses no challenge for Victory Jon and his high-powered, top-notch Nikon equipment.  Photography like this is an art worth keeping.  Be sure to check out VJ Favorites and Client Testimonials sections on the site. Another special feature is the custom Panorama Action Images offered. These are very unique custom images created by stitching multiple images together - a time consuming art with remarkable results... see samples in VJ Favorites section.

If you're looking for a great picture for yourself, a friend or a group, contact Victory Jon today to schedule a session in advance or simply hunt him down... he's out there somewhere (Text him before you head out and he'll send you location and conditions info). Be sure to check Victory Jon's photostream to see if photos already exists - click the "Get Your Photos" link above to search for your images.


Getting your photos is easy...

1. Click the "View Your Photos" link above and follow the links to locate your images.

If you are interested in the Ultra High Resolution images - over 46 Megapixel and/or the custom ghosting/panoramic images, you will have to purchase the images by emailing me with the image numbers first and I will send you a quote.

2. Write down the image numbers and dates.
If you cannot find your images, call Victory Jon at 818.426.7653 or send me an email - victoryjon@highwayphotos.net - with a detailed description of you and your ride including approx time and date.

3. After you find your images, email me - victoryjon@highwayphotos.net - be sure to include the image numbers and dates

4. I will review the high resolution images before sending you a quote for the photos and I offer substantial saving on mulitiple image orders.

5. Upon receipt of the quote, you can either purchase the photos using Paypal or contact me for other options. Paypal funds can be sent to victoryjon@highwayphotos.net I am also using Venmo and my account is @victoryjon

What do you get from me?

Good question... you will receive the High Resolution Digital Image files - full size images are 46 megapixel and at 300dpi. The images are huge and large enough to print poster size or larger without loss in resolution/detail.

The advantages of having the digital image files over prints are that the image files can be used with countless computer and internet applications. They cannot bend, fold, burn or fade like prints can and you can have them printed over and over again, any size you want. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are a couple of the many social network websites these images will look awesome on.

Sorry, I do not do the printing... but I do offer free technical assistance to those less adept with their computers. I also use a site which allows you to order prints and/or merchandise so just let me know and I'll make it happen...

What else do you get?

All images are stored indefinitely on backup drives so if you lose or damage purchased image files, I will replace them free of charge. Customer Service and Satisfaction is my main concern - as much as the quality of the photos.



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