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I was raised in Agoura Hills and graduated Agoura High in 1979. I bought my first street motorcycle at the age of 15 1/2.
My passion for riding has taken me on a great many adventures.
I have been the Chapter Director of a few organized motorcycle clubs as well as having other titles within those organizations including chapter photographer and newsletter editor.
To date, I have owned over a dozen motorcycles and have traveled over 1 million miles on motorcycles alone.
I love these canyon roads and have made this my home and now, it's become my office. What A View!!!

My passion for Photography started out with aviation and I have been shooting high speed military aircraft for over 18 years.
I am also a private pilot and love to fly as often as I can.
My photography took a new look when I started working in product development and advertising...
although I was very successful, it was not what I wanted to do.

When the economy took a turn for the worse (July 2009), the company I worked for was hit hard.
Around the same time that I found out I was going to be a single father and Little John was on the way, my company pulled up stakes and moved their operations to Tennessee.
Our entire office was laid off and California had a 25% unemployment rate... I could not get an interview with anyone - anywhere... what am I going to do?
Little John did not let that stop his arrival and I was not going to survive on unemployment... "Victory Jon Photography" was launched 09/01/2009
Little John was born 01/14/2010 and came home with me the next day
He is the very best of everything I am and doing what I love - photography - has made it possible to be with him every day. It's just me and Little John - single dad.


I believe that everything happens for a reason and made a decision that I would do what I love to do - PHOTOGRAPHY

Most of the time you'll find me on Mulholland in or near Malibu Creek State Park. I'm there on the weekends and holidays... call anytime for locations

With years of photography experience and a substantial investment in the very best Nikon camera equipment, you can be assured that these are no ordinary photographs...
Think of it as getting your photos done in a studio without the walls...

Even printed at 6 feet across, there will be no pixelation - go big or go home.

I have also become well known for my "sequential - panorama/ghosting" shots.
Several clients have purchased complete sets ranging from 3 shots to as many as 15.
When printed and framed, these look SPECTACULAR

Please keep an eye on this website as I plan to keep it updated. The client testimonial section speaks volumes about my skills.
The hardest thing about this work is that most people cannot imagine what the finished product actually looks like.
Because of this, I back all of my photos with a full money back guarantee.
If you do not like the photos you purchase, I will refund the entire purchase price - no questions asked.
I am glad to say that since starting in 2009, I have issued less than 10 refunds... not bad

What my photo session and week looks like:

... I start my sessions before noon on Saturdays, Sundays and some holidays.
Intense heat, nasty biting/flying insects, jumping cactus, bitter cold and sometimes even wet conditions...
not to mention any number of invertibrates and reptiles are all part of the fun...

After transferring anywhere from 1,000 to 3,500 images to my main computer, I now begin the dubious process of inspecting every single image to ensure I post only the best shots.
Images not meeting my high standards are simply deleted.
I do not sell "fuzzy" shots or "smaller images" at a lower price... it's better to have a client make another pass on another day rather than sell something not suitable for framing.
Since I always want you to be able to review your photos ASAP, I am usually up until at least 2 AM just reviewing and preparing the images for you.

Once I have finished inspecting the images, I convert them to low resolution JPG files, watermark the images and then begin uploading to my photostream for you to see online.
I also separate them... motorcycles, autos and cyclists. (not shooting cyclists at this time)

Potential clients send me emails requesting info on their photograph(s). I review each photo thoroughly on 2 huge 30" monitors and send them a quote.

If you so desire to purchase any or all of your images, I begin the post production process on each image to ensure you get the very best,
high resolution, high action photos you have ever seen of yourself.


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