Testimonials and Comments

Below are actual statements from many satisfied clients... send your comments and I might just include them below

Review by Marco Barla – Cinematographer’s Guild, Hollywood Local 600

Expectations exceeded.  Excellent photography. 
You really know what you are doing and I am very impressed, speaking as a feature film publicist for thirty years and member of the cinematographer's guild, Hollywood Local 600.  My job was to control information coming into and out of a movie set, with particular emphasis on still photography.  I've edited thousands of pictures in my time and please let me go on record to tell you that yours are some of the best I've witnessed.  I recognize your special skill in terms of framing and focus, especially in consideration of the fact that you capture moving objects.  You ought to be in the film business buddy.
Thanks again.

Review by Nick Bunder, artist

I have been working as a artist for over 20 years now.
And I just had to say what an amazing eyes Jon has.
His photography skills are bar none.  He knows how to capture a moment and time of day like a true master
Nicolas Ted Budner 

Review from Murad
"Jon is practically a living legend in the Los Angeles motorcycle community.
It's always reassuring to see him in the canyons snapping away.
I finally dressed up in my fanciest gear and bought some images from him.
Incredibly EASY and FAST service. Such a cool guy.
If you're visiting LA, I would highly recommend finding him in the canyons and buying an image.
Totally reasonable pricing (it's a steal, really),
INCREDIBLE image quality, and you're supporting a guy who supports the motorcycle community.
Love you Jon, keep doing what you do!"

Good morning and thank you very much again!
This has been an amazing experience and it is very easy to see how you devote yourself to and enjoy your work.
You are an absolute professional and a thorough, responsive and incredibly efficient person!

I was able to download the images without any issue and will likely order from you in the future
and will totally recommend you whenever possible.

Have an awesome weekend!

Wow Jon!  Dont know how you did it but you did it. Even better than the 2 bike photo!
Dude your awesome!!!!   Wish I could say more but thats all I can come up with.
Your awesome and perfect photo. My buddies LOVE IT as well as myself.
Will definitely be blowing this one up!   Thanks again for that special work!!!
As that pic alone was worth the $$$ by itself in my opinion!  :)


Thank you for your hard work and talent!
All of the photos are amazing, and the ghost image is spectacular!
Your level of customer service and communication is second to none, and the quality of your product is outstanding.
You have created a very lasting and meaningful memory for both my son and myself!
I am honored to also be a part of your collection. 

Keep up the great work!

One very happy customer,

OMG!!! Jon! These are INCREDIBLE!!!!
I absolutely LOVE them, and I can't wait to get prints!
I would love your suggestions about prints. You are INCREDIBLE!
thank you, thank you, thank you!

Hello Jon,

The pictures look amazing, but the ghosting one you did takes it to another level! I don't know if there are enough adjectives to describe how absolutely floored I was to see that picture.

I am so impressed with your creativity and ability to work with photos. I appreciate the effort you took to make me look great in digital film. I am excited to send the prints off to have a wide-canvas print made.

I hope to see you out on the road again. Until then Jon, I wish you continued success and health for you and your son.

Thank you for all that you have done for me.

Awesome! We love the pictures! I like how my cool boots stand out on the cropped photos.
My husband said, "I could care less about pictures of me on my bike, but pictures with you on the back, that's what I like!" :-)
The last photo we have of the two of us was taken in 2007 at Rattle the Runway in Washington DC.
We'll be on the lookout for you on future rides. For sure we'll spread the word to our friends and the rest of our group, Brotherhood of Marine Corps Riders.
Thank you for the great photos and the great customer service! It is very much appreciated!
I will be posting on our Facebook pages with photo credit to you and your website.
Best regards,

Hello Jon,
Thanks again for the photos. As you can see I enlarged your photo on canvas to 40" x 30".
I get compliments on it everyday.
The other panoramic shot is the photo I stare at all day at work.
Thanks for bringing my office space to life.

I`m delighted with them and can`t thank you enough for the Jimmy Special. I LOVE it!

You have a customer for life and I hope to meet you one of these weekends.

You have knocked it outa the park with both service and professionalism, what a pleasure it is to find something so rare these days

Cheers my friend

Many Thanks

Your panorama turned out amazing!
I had it printed 16 x 48 on canvas at Costco, and it’ just looks incredible:
(color distortion on the right is from my window….)

Well I'm glad to say that you've outdone yourself!! The images are of the best quality I've seen and the location, the angle, everything is perfect! The ghosting image is in a league of its own, I'm going to take it to someone I know that does artwork like frames and give them the image for a blown up poster for the wall in my office.

Thanks again for the great service and the awesome shots, I'm sure you will see and hear me in the canyons again soon!

Thank you for your kind words and for your great work with the photos. The then/now set-up is superb! You are a class act, Jon. Many, many thanks. Gratitude abounds in so many ways here. :)

Note from Victory Jon: The woman in these photos had a frightening accident on her cycle and did not know if she would ever ride again... the images to the left is a before/after double panorama... 2011 on the bottom, 2014 on top

Wow! these look amazing. I love the panoramas, so cool! I especially like the three bike panorama, thanks for including that for me. Really nice work with these pics. By far the best ones I've seen. Beautiful!

OMG, the ghost image came out great!!!!!  I love it.  It is going on Facebook.  :)
I'll be getting prints made of all of these photos.
Thank you for capturing a great experience and moment for me!!
And for taking time to get them from your archives!

All the best always!

WOW!!! they are amazing, they have exceeded my expectations, I am defiantly a satisfied customer thank you for all the effort you put into it and the extras. I will surely pass your name on to others
Thank You for everything

Jon, these are really fantastic! Well worth it! You've succeeded on all levels. I was referred/encouraged by a friend  to do this myself so I will definitely pay it forward. Great job man, I hope you have a great year. I'm sure I'll be driving that stretch of road several times this year so I'll probably be ordering again soon.

thanks again and take care,

Hello Jon, I couldn't wait to share this with you. Costco enlarged my photo to 60" x 40" on canvas. It looks so good in person.  There is no pixelation and the detail is incredible. I can't wait to hang it. It's huge!

I've also printed 3 other images in size 40" x 30" to hang in my home. They are in sequence and I will put them side by side. I'll send that pic to you soon.

Thanks again!

Brilliant! Excellent service and results. Thanks Jon, I’m really happy with these. I’m a HOG member, living in the United Arab Emirates, and I was in LA over the weekend. I rented the bike and rode out with the local chapter and it was after the ride that one of the guys told me about your site. I’ll have to revisit LA, ride the Snake again and look out for you and your camera. I have already recommended your website to a number of my colleagues and will certainly be handling out some more referrals.

I just wanted to comment on the excellent quality of the photographs that are taken on Mulholland Hwy.
I have reviewed the images taken by you and the other group (Rockstore Photos) and I am much more impressed with the backgrounds, shot angles and image quality. Flawless......
I have now purchased two separate photo sets from your collection of my AEV Brute and Porsche 993.
I look forward to driving through again with my other vehicles to hopefully capture another breathtaking action shot on the highway. Keep up the good work!

Photos are awesome man!  I will be showing these off to my friends and I'm sure it will bring more photo purchases.  I will definitely buy more in the future should I see any I really like as well.

I know you are not the only one doing photography along Mulholland.  But I don't imagine they have the same quality of service that you have given me.  Thanks a lot!

Hey Jon -

Just wanted to say THANK YOU for the outstanding photos. Your images and customer service exceeded my expectations in every way...and the panoramas are outrageous!!! I'll certainly be back for more and refer my friends!

Many thanks,

Greetings again Victory Jon!
I would like to leave my referral for prospective customers: 
There may be people out there who will hesitate spending $30 dollars on a single picture. That was not the case with me. The image I purchased was of my boyfriend on his 2011 Ducati 848 EVO. It was his first time riding through The Snake and I wanted him to have a keepsake. Unfortunately there weren't more shots of him or else I would have bought them all. The final product were amazing images (I received more than one). Victory Jon was kind enough to include web friendly sizes so I could share the pictures online. This was a great early Christmas gift and I recommend other people buy their shots as well.
-Martha R.

Hello Victory Jon,
Thank you very much for taking the time to make panoramas and to crop the individual photos. We love all of them.
I can't determine which of the panoramas I like the most and am glad we have all 3.
You are getting some advertising just from us showing them around. I'm surprised at the amount of people that don't know that you can get photos taken on Mulholland on the weekend. 
Thanks again and we look forward to seeing you out that way again soon.
Meanwhile, all the best.


Hi Victory Jon:

Wow Jon, I'm so impressed with the quality of these pics! Really amazing shots - I'd never even have a chance at shots like this without your expertise! The panoramics came out great, as did each of the individual pictures!! The 4-shot is currently spanning my 2 29" monitors in my office, turning lots of heads as folks ask, "How did you get pics THIS GOOD???" Thank you for the shot of my buddy and I... you truly do go above and beyond to provide excellent service and exceed your clients' expectations. It was such a great surprise, killer shot, and I forwarded the pic to my Triumph buddy this morning - he's so excited that you captured him on his first time hitting The Snake! Looks like its already on the way to the printer for framable copies to hang in our respective homes.

I'm very much looking forward to my next time out on Mulholland - I'll definitely stop by and say hello! It would be very cool to get some video on top of this amazing photos you've already taken.

Hope you have a great weekend as well! Thanks again Jon!

I've downloaded the pictures on the late friday evening and the pictures made my day.
They're really looking great and this a result of your awesome work. 
Especially the "combined" picture is terriffic.

I've also some expiriencies in producing digital content because my profession is the method development for realtime high end visualization in our departement. 
So I know when I'm seeing pretty good work and this is the case with your pictures.

The pleasure to have contact with you was on my side.

So I wish you all the best, a lot of safe and joyful motorcycle miles and an ongoing success in makin people happy with your pictures


all the shots are awesome! but the Glenn.Special is FREAKING AWESOME!!!!

We are all SO STOKED!!

Thank you very much.  Amazing!

We'll see you again this summer for sure!!

“Victory Jon’s photography of the Heartbreak Century was outstanding—the best I have seen for this kind of event.  Communicating with Jon in selecting and purchasing the best images was a very pleasant experience and his turn-around and delivery superb. His ability to create custom images combining multiple cyclists in the same background was simply amazing.  I highly recommend Jon and his work to anyone who appreciates high-quality professional images to document their events.”  

Larry Wyatt, competitive cyclist and triathlete

I just downloaded the images, and they are superb. The 'restoration' image is amazing.  It looks absolutely seamless--you can see no break in the consistency of the focus, the brightness, or the sizing. Thank you for pulling that rabbit out of your hat!

It was a pleasure doing business with you. You have defined me and the old bike, but I'll look forward to other opportunities, perhaps on other bikes (a man can always hope that his wife will say "maybe"). Do you work on that curve exclusively? I'll try to stop and say hello on of these trips.
All the best,

I could not be happier with all these photos. I have been trying to decide which one is my favorite for the past hour.... I can honestly say they are all my favorite. I even zoomed in on the pictures and they are clear as can be. I can even see my eyes and eyebrows. They are truly amazing.

It's great how you can capture a fraction of a second of real life and freeze it in the way of a photograph forever. I never thought I would ever get a picture of myself riding this way. The Panoramic image is great as well. You took care of me. I have already told my buddies and planning another trip out there. Hope they can take advantage of your services as well. I will be checking out your website to make sure you are in Malibu for our next trip.

You have even inspired me to get a camera and take photography as a hobby. No worries... I will not be your competition around the next curve from your position. LOL.

Once again thanks and next time i'm up there I will stop to say hi


We don't know what to say other than outstanding!  The quality of your work is more than we would have ever expected.  In the final analysis it comes down to the right time, the right place, the right conditions and the right equipment.  Everyone who has seen your photos has commented on the exceptional quality.  I am sure we will be passing through again in the future.

Thanks again for the great photos.

Jon thanks for these.
I like them all.

The Custom shot is cool, coming and going in the same shot. like DUCATI  INCEPTION.

It's very well done, I can't see the seam...Where is it?

Jon -- the pictures are awesome.  I polled three people, myself included, and we all like the one where you added color or revised photo.  As usual, awesome work!  Thanks so much.  I'll see you on the highway soon.  Keep up the great work.  You've got an awesome talent.
I like them all.

Thank you Jon...the photos are very nice...great work!!!  I look forward to my next ride in Malibu, and to more pictures!!!

Thanks again!

Great work Jon-"you dah man"! I'll be in touch soon.-Doc

Thanks Jon, I downloaded all the photos this morning, and they look great.  Thanks for the excellent quality and customer service.  I will will spread the word.  I'll have to get out there some time on my Honda when you are there and get some motorcycle pictures.

Hi Jon,

Using your picture, I won the Best Picture of the Month contest for the month of June on my Tiburon forum!!
Thanks again for your beautiful photo~!!

Oh dude, these came out INSANE. Great work, thanks again!

Dude... the photos are sick!! (and the banner image came out fantastic) They're going to look fantastic on my wall. I appreciate the work you do, man and thanks again for the great work.
Take good care, Jon.

Thanks Jon,
Great Pic! As usual...you do great work...lets stay in touch.

Hope all is well with you and little Jon..

Thank you very much Jon,

I am very satisfied with the photos, and you will see more of my business in the future.

Yes we have seen you before and that time we were there specifically for that reason,

to get a street photo of that electric mountain bike I was on.

Usually we are just cruising around on the supermotos, we might be up there this weekend,

hopefully with a group of people, we will keep an eye out for you

Thanks very much! Really appreciate the great photos and fast service. The vivid one is amazing

Thanks for the pictures. They look great.
My girlfirend couldn't wait to make one of them her wallpaper at work...

Hello Mr. Jon,

I want to start by thanking you for this opportunity, it's a rare opportunity to be able to have such professional and beautiful shots taken during a ride. I really appreciate the hard work and commitment it must take to show up every weekend, and upload/manage so many photos.

Hi Jon!

Good to see you out there again doing what you do best!  YOU ROCK DUDE!

The images are awesome!  I'm glad that you were on Mulholland when I went screaming by!

Hi Jon,
I received the pictures.  The purchase/download/save process was easy and painless.
Jon, your work is absolutely amazing.  These photos are stunning and worth every penny.  They are fantastic and my wife loves them too.  Superlative commercial quality product by a professional photographer!
Thank you for your efforts and for the extra photos, which were a very nice surprise!
I'm going to drill back thru the archives and find a few more of myself.  Now I want em all........

These are incredible, thank you so much.
A perfect memory of a great ride.
You can be sure they will be printed, framed, and hung in the den.  thanks!

Thanks.  Great photo, especially given you were shooting a sport bike going full lean in the opposite direction at the time.  Quality is excellent.  Service as promised.  

Sometime I'll have to ask you what camera you're shooting with.  

Keep on clicking!

OMG!  Just looked at the pictures!!  I LOVE THEM!  Thank you so much for being out there and taking these shots for us crazy kids out riding around. We have pictures of the bike and us sitting on the bike but action shots are SO MUCH BETTER!!    I am thrilled with these photos!  Michael is in Costa Rica at the moment but i will be sending them to him periodically so he doesn't forget me ...  lol

Thank you !

I couldnt be happier!!!

Wow, the pictures are absolutely super - thanks VJ.  I've printed out at A4 and can only imagine what they're going look like reproduced bigger!

I hope that one day in the future I can be snapped again in magic California

Holy crap Jon,
These look amazing I cannot wait to get them printed.  Your equipment obviously is fantastic, but your ability and taste in getting the shot is truly remarkable.  These photos are of the highest quality I could imagine.  I wasnt even riding hard or with any actual technique that day but your shots flatter my style and my scratched up bike haha.  I have them all downloaded and safe.

Thanks so much and best wishes

Hi Jon,
Great Job! The colors are great and we love the pictures! You really are a great photographer, it shows that you really love what you do. Keep up the great work.

Thanks so much for the photos!  They are fantastic.  You really have a talent for this stuff.  I checked out your website and it looks great.  I also watched the video of you with Jay Leno, and I'm so happy you are getting some exposure and recognition for your hard work.  It must be tough sitting out there in the sun all day, waiting for a good shot.  Thanks for doing what you do, and I'm looking forward to also seeing you out on Angeles Crest.  Be safe, stay hydrated, and I hope you can build this into a satisfying business for yourself.

Thanks Jon-great shots! You are a talented photographer! I particularly like the "aura" of light surrounding me. What speed and F stop were used?


Answer: Speed - 160, F-stop - 9

Wow, they look fantastic!
I'm beyond impressed!
Thanks so much Jon, those really look great. My wife just saw them and said
the same thing.

On to facebook!
See ya,

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